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What Every Business Owner Should Know About SEO

Jukka Jumisko

There are two ways to show up on the first page of Google search results.

  1. AD: You can place a pay-per-click ad on the top of the search results page. And every time someone clicks your ad, Google charges your credit card.
  2. SEO: You can make necessary changes to your website so that it organically shows up on the first page right below the paid ads. This process of fixing the site is called Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization has two parts:

  1. Fixing the site is the first part
    1. You need to first know what word and phrases your potential client use when they search for your services. It’s not your company name. These potential new clients have not heard about you yet. Your SEO consultant, like WSI has tools to find out how many times people type different searches in Google. These words and phrases are called keywords.
    2. Each keyword that you want your website to be found with needs it’s own page on your website. That page needs to have 300+ words and the keyword needs to be placed in headers and the text itself in places where the search engine expects to find them.
  1. Building links to your site from elsewhere in the Internet is the second part.
    1. If Google finds two websites that have been perfectly fixed with keywords, it still has to rank one higher than the other. Google uses a complicated algorithm, but one of the most important ranking criteria is how many links each website has. What are these links? For example, your business profile in Smart Spider website has your website address. When someone clicks it, your website pops up. Someone just followed a link from Smart Spider website to your website. The more links you have the better.

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Jukka Jumisko is the President of WSI Web Enhancers, a Digital Marketing and SEO company located in Albuquerque, NM. For the last 6 years, Jukka and his team have been working with New Mexico companies ranging from small enterprises to big corporations and nonprofits on enhancing their digital presence. As a Google Partner with a keen grasp of how to make local searches work for you, WSI can guide you in SEO, which can become a key component of your online marketing success. Contact WSI by calling 505-850-9177 or visit their website

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